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 Party Rentals for Graduation

Schools and colleges graduation party New York throughout New York Connecticut and New Jersey are getting ready for graduation ceremonies and parties in the months to come. Partopia is offering a large selection of PARTY RENTAL ITEMS, but you can’t wait until the last minute. while we are glad to welcome last minute renters there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate you in this extremely busy rental season.

Whether you are graduating from grad school, undergrad, high school or kinder-garden  Partopia has something you. If you are having an outdoor graduation ceremony a tent is like buying  weather insurance, don’t spoil  your event rent our tents. Rent our plastic folding chairs in a variety of colors, or our black or white resin padded chairs, our ballroom chairs in gold silver or clear (ghost ) colors.

For grade school and kinder-garden student we have the following: Cotton Candy Machine - Cotton Candy Machine - Sno Cone Machine - Hot Dog Machine - Popcorn Machine or our Inflatable Bounce house of all sizes and shapes

The Party Never Ends In New York City


As the  cold and gray days Snarls and the pages of the calendar hesitate to flip over, the snow refuses to melt, the days have shortened and tree withered,  Christmas turns into New Years into Martin Luther Kings day into Chinese New Year,  ground hog into Valentine’s day and valentines day  into super Bowl. March rolls in , its Ash Wednesday, daylight savings times begins and before you know it spring is here.

But for the brave men and women  of the party rental industry this is just another day in our lives, Summer is just a another place holder on the calendar. We the brave souls have to do this all year round, when the sun pelt down on us and the sweat drips through our blue and orange Partopia Rental T-shirts or when the it is so cold that we have to take breaks to keep warm every 30 minutes, We are there when the leaves turn brown and when they blossom once again. We are there as your brave soul.

The snow has barely melted the trees has just began to show their leaves again, the phone has began to ring mercilessly again. The brides are making their check list, the school principals the guidance counselors and the class leader have already making preparation for their big days. Party planners its now April and June is just around the corner and guess what the brave souls are still here for all your party rental needs. We are erecting tents, popping up canopies for street fairs and health fairs, we are delivering dinnerware, glassware, linen tablecloths, we are breaking down  stages, dance floors and we are  delivering gold and silver chairs, disinfecting inflatable bounce house cleaning popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, we are getting tired but we must go on as we are the brave souls on the party rental business.

Benefits dinners , dinner dances, sweet sixteen parties, graduations, family reunion, weddings has become some of our staple events. its almost July and back to school is just around the corner, Labour day in Brooklyn, and for a moment when we think its time to rest   thanksgiving day is at our heals……the  process goes on and on and on.

Yes we are the brave souls of the party rental industry and we are  Partopia Rental  LLC we are located at 1601 E. Gun Hill Rd.

 Bronx NY 10469
 (718) 708-6118
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Modern Day Baby Shower

Over time baby showers have taken on a new meaning, traditionally a baby shower is a gathering of females mainly the expected mother and her immediate family and the expected  father to be immediate family, baby shower celebration varies by cultures and regions. Typical baby shower gifts may include  diaper, blankets baby bottles etc. The expected mother is showered with gifts, at some baby showers they even suggest name. Most showers are held 4-8 weeks before the baby is due.

In recent time baby shower has become lavish and more celebratory in nature. unlike years past where the number of guest that showed up a a baby shower would be limited to females only, usually immediate family of the expected father and mother and close friends, now guest can range from 200 to 400 with elaborate decoration, a MC and throne chairs to parade the expected mother and father. We have seen the transformation of the with wicker chairs to today's norm which the Leather throne Chairs.

Partopia has been providing the necessary all the necessary rental items needed for making your baby shower a smashing success


Rapper 50 Cent

Rapper 50 Cent, who’s real name Curtis Jackson, is still making  a buzz on the street of New York with his new venture “ Effen Vodka “, but while he continues to promote his vodka what is still surprising to me is his continued popularity of the street on NYC.
Partopia Rental is proud to be the party rental company  of choice providing rental products for his promotional events. This past Saturday i had a chance to meet up with 50 Cent  and while we didn’t have the time to bellow a few  notes, he did find the time to personally sign on of his Effen Vodka vodka for me. Real down to earth guy.
We have supplied  red carpet , stanchion and velvet ropes for his events to the five boroughs, Westchester and Long Island

Carl R Thompson

A wedding is probable the most significant day in any ones life, so an ideal wedding  should be  flawless. Partopia Party Rental in NYC has put together some ideas that may help you plan your ideal wedding. First, we recommend that you find the love of your life, get to know that person, and once you do  so then start planning and announce a date. Start thinking about the kind of wedding you desire, whether its a morning afternoon or a twilight wedding. Do you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding, if it is an outdoor wedding will it be in a park, do you need tents, lights, heating?

When planning the date of your wedding keep in mind that the date of your wedding may dictate the price of  the venue, venue availability may also dictate the date of your wedding. Start a mailing list, registered blog or a website, these can be a very easy way to keep in touch with your prospective guest. After all you may have guest attending from different region of the country and even different parts of the world. After creating your list of prospective guest, narrow your list, select a list of people who will see you through to your big day. This may include bride and groom’s mother and father, ministers, master of ceremony, ring bearer,best man,maid of honers. Keep a separate mailing list/blog for this group.

Traditionally the bride’s parents finance most of the wedding expenses, however in recent times things has changed. Brides and Grooms are now more responsible for financing their own wedding, but never the less decide on a realistic  budget and clear the air about who will pay for what before it gets too late. Try no to barrow  to pay for your wedding, you do not want to start a new life in too much debts. See below for a list of items that you may want to put on the top half of your check list
•Choose a vibrant MC
•Choose your photographer/Videographer a good word of mouth recommendation is always a plus
•start looking around for Tuxedo and wedding dress
•decide on a color scheme, this can be a tiring task. Here is the list of my ten favorite wedding color combination, but of course the season will dictate your color combination. Spring wedding usually carries a lighter color while a fall wedding wedding  attracts the darker combination.
1.Black White & Green
2.Brown & orange
3.lime & Cream
4.Green & Pink
5.Light Pink & Bright Pink
6.Orange & Bright Pink
7.Orange & Green
8.Orange & Brown
9.Orange & Yellow
10.Orange & red

Remember to arrange your  PTO before and after your wedding and i can  not stress this point enough, delegate delegate delegate. Give small pieces of responsibilities to different people to carry out and always have contingency planning in place. Meet regularly to discuss updates of each project. If you hire a caterer  to cater the food, do not assume that he is going to have serving utensil when the food is delivered, if the caterer doesn’t supply food warmer,utensil etc, remember to ask your party rental supplier for these item. As a party rental supplier i have seen on many occasions where  caterer deliver food and there are no chafing dishes,serving utensil,knife for cakes,wine openers,shakers for mix drinks, these are the little things that we ofter overlook. Always have a comprehensive check list, go over your check list regularly.

Other important things to keep in mind are but  not  limited to: Check with your travel agent to finalize travel itinerary for honey moon – Pay outstanding balances on Hall rental- Party Rentals – Catering – photographer- Limousine and other travel- .  There is always a dreaded part of marriage that no one likes to talk about …… Prenuptial. Meet with your attorney to discuss these matters.

Ten reasons to rent:

1- Think of your nearby rental store as  your business’ warehouse, except that you didn’t have to pay to stock it.

2- Let someone else handle — and pay for — the maintenance and upkeep of equipment and furnishings.

3- Events come in different sizes and styles, and so does everything available at your rental store.

4- Eliminate the need for a large warehouse or storage area.

5- Rental costs can be passed directly to your customers without the accounting headaches of additional overhead, depreciation and storing unused furnishings and equipment. 

6- Chairs, tables, linens, glassware, flatware — get the exact amount you need to match the size of any event
7- When a client asks for just about anything, you’ll be able to confidently say, “Sure, we can get that.”

8- Delivery options and set-up assistance are often available, saving you coordination time so you can concentrate on facilitating the event.

9 - Save time and expense by taking supplies from the rental store straight to the party site rather than loading and unloading from your storage area.

10 - When décor and other trends change, you won’t be stuck with unwanted or outdated furnishings and equipment.

Planning a Party ? Not a Problem

Planning a large celebration can be challenging, from setting a date that works for everyone to creating a fun party atmosphere, there are lots of work that goes into planning the perfect event. But, regardless of who or what the party is for, there are some ways to ensure your big date comes off without a hitch.

Renting makes sense

Few of us host large gatherings on a regular basis, so it’s not surprising if you don’t have enough seating, tables-wares, cutlery, tents on a hot summer day, inflatables for the kids, music or a supply of chafing dishes to keep everything warm on your buffet. Since you may only use these items once or twice a year, it make sense not  to buy, instead rent them – plus, where would you store them for the rest of the year?

Fortunately, it’s possible to rent just about everything you could possibly need to stage a large-scale celebration. Party Rentals in your area carry party necessities from chairs and tables to place settings and stemware, concession, Inflatables, tents to festive decor. Just remember to reserve your items early, especially if your party is during a busy time of year like the holidays. Call (718) 708 6118 to make your reservation

Where not to skimp

Saving money is vital when you’re planning a big event. It’s smart to look for the best deals you can talk to one of our staff member to find creative ways to save money. But every host knows there is one aspect of the party that can’t be skimped on – and that varies from event to event, and crowd to crowd, my personal  item that I would not cut corners on is the Liquor.

If you know your party will be heavily attended by foodies, you may want to spend a bit more on gourmet fare and cut costs in other areas. If your guests are the more, “ sophisticated type “, it may make sense to invest more in live music

Knowing what you can rent to save money and where you have to spend is an essential part of staging a smashing event and saving money at the same time. Special ways to spice things up

Every party should have at least one element that gives guests a delightful surprise. Maybe it’s a make-your-own desert station for the company holiday party, or a chocolate fountain for your large family gathering or our exciting Inflatable bouncers.  

Whether it’s adding elegant lighting and centerpieces for your New Year’s Eve party, or a large screen television and games for your football party, adding a special touch can really set the tone for the event. It’s easy to find these types of rental party items that make for a special surprise for your guests.