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Ten Reasons To Rent

Ten reasons to rent:

1- Think of your nearby rental store as  your business’ warehouse, except that you didn’t have to pay to stock it.

2- Let someone else handle — and pay for — the maintenance and upkeep of equipment and furnishings.

3- Events come in different sizes and styles, and so does everything available at your rental store.

4- Eliminate the need for a large warehouse or storage area.

5- Rental costs can be passed directly to your customers without the accounting headaches of additional overhead, depreciation and storing unused furnishings and equipment. 

6- Chairs, tables, linens, glassware, flatware — get the exact amount you need to match the size of any event
7- When a client asks for just about anything, you’ll be able to confidently say, “Sure, we can get that.”

8- Delivery options and set-up assistance are often available, saving you coordination time so you can concentrate on facilitating the event.

9 - Save time and expense by taking supplies from the rental store straight to the party site rather than loading and unloading from your storage area.

10 - When décor and other trends change, you won’t be stuck with unwanted or outdated furnishings and equipment.