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The Party Never Ends In New York City


As the  cold and gray days Snarls and the pages of the calendar hesitate to flip over, the snow refuses to melt, the days have shortened and tree withered,  Christmas turns into New Years into Martin Luther Kings day into Chinese New Year,  ground hog into Valentine’s day and valentines day  into super Bowl. March rolls in , its Ash Wednesday, daylight savings times begins and before you know it spring is here.

But for the brave men and women  of the party rental industry this is just another day in our lives, Summer is just a another place holder on the calendar. We the brave souls have to do this all year round, when the sun pelt down on us and the sweat drips through our blue and orange Partopia Rental T-shirts or when the it is so cold that we have to take breaks to keep warm every 30 minutes, We are there when the leaves turn brown and when they blossom once again. We are there as your brave soul.

The snow has barely melted the trees has just began to show their leaves again, the phone has began to ring mercilessly again. The brides are making their check list, the school principals the guidance counselors and the class leader have already making preparation for their big days. Party planners its now April and June is just around the corner and guess what the brave souls are still here for all your party rental needs. We are erecting tents, popping up canopies for street fairs and health fairs, we are delivering dinnerware, glassware, linen tablecloths, we are breaking down  stages, dance floors and we are  delivering gold and silver chairs, disinfecting inflatable bounce house cleaning popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, we are getting tired but we must go on as we are the brave souls on the party rental business.

Benefits dinners , dinner dances, sweet sixteen parties, graduations, family reunion, weddings has become some of our staple events. its almost July and back to school is just around the corner, Labour day in Brooklyn, and for a moment when we think its time to rest   thanksgiving day is at our heals……the  process goes on and on and on.

Yes we are the brave souls of the party rental industry and we are  Partopia Rental  LLC we are located at 1601 E. Gun Hill Rd.

 Bronx NY 10469
 (718) 708-6118
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Modern Day Baby Shower

Over time baby showers have taken on a new meaning, traditionally a baby shower is a gathering of females mainly the expected mother and her immediate family and the expected  father to be immediate family, baby shower celebration varies by cultures and regions. Typical baby shower gifts may include  diaper, blankets baby bottles etc. The expected mother is showered with gifts, at some baby showers they even suggest name. Most showers are held 4-8 weeks before the baby is due.

In recent time baby shower has become lavish and more celebratory in nature. unlike years past where the number of guest that showed up a a baby shower would be limited to females only, usually immediate family of the expected father and mother and close friends, now guest can range from 200 to 400 with elaborate decoration, a MC and throne chairs to parade the expected mother and father. We have seen the transformation of the with wicker chairs to today's norm which the Leather throne Chairs.

Partopia has been providing the necessary all the necessary rental items needed for making your baby shower a smashing success