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6 feet LED portable bar suitable for any occasion Rent a portable acrylic bar for parties or events in  NY and NJ. Call for details about renting LED Bars and Leather furniture

Rental Terms and Condition

Q.  Do you deliver?

A.  Delivery is based on a. the size of your order and  b. your location. In most small orders  can easily be picked-up by the customer from our warehouse located at 1601 E. Gun Hill Rd. Bronx NYC

Q.  Do you offer customer pick-up?

A.  Yes we do offer pick up services. The requirement for pick are 1. a valid picture ID and  b2 a valid credit card for security purposes. For safety reasons, we do not allow customers to pick-up and place equipment on open trailers or on top of their vehicle. Certain items do require our professional team to deliver and set-up – examples include Tents,chiavari chairs, dance floors and staging stage and leather products.

Q. What time will my rental arrive?

A. Delivery/pick-up schedules cannot be completed accurately until all orders are finalized and therefore are not attempted until COB the preceding day. As a result our minimum delivery window would be three hours.