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A wedding is probable the most significant day in any ones life, so an ideal wedding  should be  flawless. Partopia Party Rental in NYC has put together some ideas that may help you plan your ideal wedding. First, we recommend that you find the love of your life, get to know that person, and once you do  so then start planning and announce a date. Start thinking about the kind of wedding you desire, whether its a morning afternoon or a twilight wedding. Do you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding, if it is an outdoor wedding will it be in a park, do you need tents, lights, heating?

When planning the date of your wedding keep in mind that the date of your wedding may dictate the price of  the venue, venue availability may also dictate the date of your wedding. Start a mailing list, registered blog or a website, these can be a very easy way to keep in touch with your prospective guest. After all you may have guest attending from different region of the country and even different parts of the world. After creating your list of prospective guest, narrow your list, select a list of people who will see you through to your big day. This may include bride and groom’s mother and father, ministers, master of ceremony, ring bearer,best man,maid of honers. Keep a separate mailing list/blog for this group.

Traditionally the bride’s parents finance most of the wedding expenses, however in recent times things has changed. Brides and Grooms are now more responsible for financing their own wedding, but never the less decide on a realistic  budget and clear the air about who will pay for what before it gets too late. Try no to barrow  to pay for your wedding, you do not want to start a new life in too much debts. See below for a list of items that you may want to put on the top half of your check list
•Choose a vibrant MC
•Choose your photographer/Videographer a good word of mouth recommendation is always a plus
•start looking around for Tuxedo and wedding dress
•decide on a color scheme, this can be a tiring task. Here is the list of my ten favorite wedding color combination, but of course the season will dictate your color combination. Spring wedding usually carries a lighter color while a fall wedding wedding  attracts the darker combination.
1.Black White & Green
2.Brown & orange
3.lime & Cream
4.Green & Pink
5.Light Pink & Bright Pink
6.Orange & Bright Pink
7.Orange & Green
8.Orange & Brown
9.Orange & Yellow
10.Orange & red

Remember to arrange your  PTO before and after your wedding and i can  not stress this point enough, delegate delegate delegate. Give small pieces of responsibilities to different people to carry out and always have contingency planning in place. Meet regularly to discuss updates of each project. If you hire a caterer  to cater the food, do not assume that he is going to have serving utensil when the food is delivered, if the caterer doesn’t supply food warmer,utensil etc, remember to ask your party rental supplier for these item. As a party rental supplier i have seen on many occasions where  caterer deliver food and there are no chafing dishes,serving utensil,knife for cakes,wine openers,shakers for mix drinks, these are the little things that we ofter overlook. Always have a comprehensive check list, go over your check list regularly.

Other important things to keep in mind are but  not  limited to: Check with your travel agent to finalize travel itinerary for honey moon – Pay outstanding balances on Hall rental- Party Rentals – Catering – photographer- Limousine and other travel- .  There is always a dreaded part of marriage that no one likes to talk about …… Prenuptial. Meet with your attorney to discuss these matters.

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